Any potential issues with this placement?


This was 2nd solo placement and no 5 in total
3.6 x 9mm to replace ul 4. Astra EV .
tooth was missing 10 yrs and X-rays done with aiming device.
no graft needed .ISQ 76 on B and P.

HA close to UL5 so was thinking of some ememelplasty messiah upper left 5 to aid cleaning
seems that last drill ( no 3 of 3 ) has made me go a little distal .
Aim is for a screw retained crown with custom made atlantis abutment.
Any thoughts most welcome.

In 2D placement looks fine. A picture of the healing abutment could show us how your B/L placement is and how likely it is for screw retained.My implant motors records the torque value that the implant was placed at. I generally do not use ISQ but that is up to you

You may have to trim the impression transfer to clear the adjacent tooth. Otherwise, well done.
I find ISQ very helpful for patients that don’t exercise and are elderly. Occasionally I have to wait longer for integration.