Amnion-chorion membrane for dental regeneration: feedback?

I’m curious to get readers opinions on Amnion-chorion membrane. What has been your experience with these membranes, positive or negative? Which types of cases are using these on?

Paul R comments:

The theory behind them is good...I used a few of them...not too user friendly. I cannot say I saw significant results over other membranes

Lucky Universe comments:

I've been using BioXclude for the last 3 years and have been happy with the results. Especially in augmentation cases where I can't achieve primary closure. I feel confident to leave it exposed in the oral cavity. Recently I used it as a post-extraction dressing over the mesiobucccal root area of a very deep impacted 3rd molar. Patient feedback was very encouraging.

envoy comments:

Amnion membranes handle quite differently that the collagen membranes most clinicians are used to. Once more dentists are trained on them, I think they will become quite popular as the results are fantastic.

osseonews comments:

Interesting comments. Amnion membranes are certainly different in terms of handling.