Allen Class C ridge defect: How would you proceed?

I recently completed this case in which #27 was replaced with a ZimVie TSVM 3.7x11.5 fixture was placed. The case initially presented with an Allen Class C ridge defect which I chose to address at the time of placement. Knowing already how I chose to handle this I am curious how others would proceed.

Pre OP photo

Graft the facial with an allograft and use a resorbable membrane, perhaps a Ossix Volumax. Place a healing abutment and close with the abutment exposed, or if you are more comfortable, use a cover screw and submerge the implant for around 3 months before exposing and placing the transmucosal healing abutment.

I placed a particulate and covered it with a connective tissue graft with a healing abutment placed for one stage healing. I will update on the results when I see this patient again.

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