Abutment seated correctly?

I had an Ankylos Implant placed in posterior #13 about two years ago. I am not having any issues with the implant, but my current dentist is concerned with what my xrays are showing. Firstly, he is having trouble figuring out what type of abutment was used. There is also some concern about whether the crown or abutment is seated correctly. Please take a look and let me know your professional opinions. Thank you in advance.

Junaid Ahmed comments:

I would agree, this is not the typical appearance of an Ankylos abutment. The crown and abutment must be replaced immediately. There appears to be bone loss on the distal aspect of the implant. This is due to the shape of the crown and the gap underneath it. It will be a relatively easy fix. Section the crown off; remove the abutment; replace with a healing abutment for a while to allow the distal bone loss to stabilize. Then proceed to construct a better crown and appropriate abutment.

Sporefun comments:

And if the screw is stripped to remove the crown?

mark comments:

if this is an Ankylos implant that would make a spline friction fit, not a threaded internal. The X-ray shows 2 things, an improper narrow platform which bothers your current dentist as a potential perio trap and number 2 the spline is only 2 1/2 to 3mm into the implant so removal should be easy. I would return to the original dentist to have a wider platform crown

henoca comments:

Nice implant Ankylos I think the problem is the crown ,the design do not follow the finishing line of the abutment. The abutment may be an Standard straight. The crown is into the camera Replace the crown ,but first do a good temporary crown But another option may be that the abutment did not receive the final torque it es an screw

Tarek Abdelsamad comments:

This abutment (Standard) needs to be replaced by another wider abutment and new crown.

Strawman comments:

the crown must be removed, dismantle the abutment (indexed or not indexed) take an impression and have everything replaced in the laboratory in the correct position with a repositioning key in the mouth, the abutment must be torqued at 15N this situation is probably due to an incorrect positioning of the abutment in the mouth

Hamidreza comments:

Fixture is good but abutment have problems and must be changed and crown too