3rd party abutment for Neoss Implant?

I am in somewhat of a unique issue. Last year in August 2020, I travelled from Canada and got my implant placed by a dentist in the US. I was told to come back after six months in February 2020. Well my circumstances greatly changed. I found myself back in Canada, and as you all may have heard, Canada now has strict travel restrictions which includes $2000 mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine. This is greatly preventing me from travelling to the US to see my dentist. I contacted a local dentist in Canada and told him my situation. He asked for my implant details. I told him it is Neoss- Proactive Tapered, ref: 21240. He said this brand is not available in Canada and even if I provide him with the abutment part for this brand, the regulations in Canada would not allow him for using this part. This didn't really make sense to me but I am just going to take his word for it. He said he will contact his supplier to see if he can get a 3rd party part. Shortly afterwards he calls to let me know that he has found a 3rd party compatible abutment for my implant. My concern is, is it a good idea to use a 3rd party abutment especially with a high quality implant like Neoss? He did not tell me what part is. This would also void my implant warranty, correct? Are there any risks I should be wary or any other questions that I should be asking my dentist? Is it better for me to just wait out a couple of months more to see if the travel situations improve so I can just to back to dentist in the US? or am I putting my implant at risk by waiting for more than 6 months?

otis comments:

I always advise having the case finished by the dentist who started the case

brandtfoster@hotmail.com comments:

I feel Neoss makes a good product. I would think a third party abutment would probably be fine but the Neoss connection is unique and you may not be getting the full benefit of the design. Have you tried to contact Neoss directly to enquire about the availability in Canada?

jim comments:

yes unfortunately, they dont sell it here.

can I wait it out and go back to US once the travel situation improves? I mean, is there any harm if I have to wait for another year?

or should I just go with the 3rd party part?

Marikguizot comments:

with a very proper lab, abutment can produce in house lab, i think the 3rd party should be okay

brandtfoster@hotmail.com comments:

I agree. there is no harm in waiting but you should be fine with 3rd party.

doclock comments:

Always best to use the parts that go with the implant system. Doubt that the implant is going anywhere soon and may be an inconvenient space, but as a dentist myself, I would wait for the appropriate components for best long term success.

salloumdental comments:

I am a regular user of Neoss implants, as it is available in all middle east. The implant abutment connection of Neoss is a totally unique connection with special engineering that relies on 3 sharp points of forced engagement that creates a one time distortion for cold welding, and to the best of my knowledge , no other third party manufacturer is fabricating the same design. I would highly recommend you to wait for couple of months and go back to your dentist who placed the implant to use the original genuine parts for your crown. You can e mail me for any additional info sallomdental13@gmail.com Dr. Emad Salloum