Periimplantitis on Bicon Implant Post 2 years?

Tim comments:

First of all I have never placed a Bicon fixture and I don’t think product selection or restoration is the issue. While these are only 2D radiographs it appears that the bone is extremely dense in this area and thus poorly vascularized. In such cases I think that the body has poor remodeling potential and is more prone to such failure. While the supporting literature is vague my personal experience has shown me that short fixtures placed in dense bone have a slightly higher failure rate but it just factors into the cost of doing business

Tarek Abdelsamad comments:

Hi. You don’t have to worry about this bone loss. It will build bone again. Just change the bridge to make fitting good and it will be Ok. Good luck

MIke comments:

Let tryTarek.Thanks

ASHIE comments:

Reasons for failure kindly correct if I am wrong 1) Graft failure 2) The premolar implant is placed distally. 3) The premolar Abutment selection could have been better(wider diameter & mesial angulated ,not distal angulated). 4) Prosthetic failure ( cantilever, marginal failure, design failure) Change in the Prosthesis, Abutments & improving occlusion should solve the issues.