Inadequate Vertical Dimension for Implant Placement

Learner comments:

Not asking a question, and making believe you know everything every time, smacks of incompetence. Competent people admit they don't know, ask even the simplest of questions, learn, and refer before they know. So in this case, I'd say Refer, but kudos for asking and learn from the competent people who have provided answers here without casting ridiculous aspersions because you had the courage to ask.

Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS comments:

with all the comments about drill usage, I believe that is covered. It's important to correct the plan of occlusion since you will still be missing a 2nd molar and will have much more force on the first molars, esp with the hyper-erupted tooth. When dealing with these there are 4 different levels of treatment: 1) occlusal adjustment, 2) new restoration 3) RCT then new restoration 4) RECT/CRWN and crown lengthening. An OMFS may include segmental osteotomy. Observe cases where dentistry fails that have apposing arches of hype erupted teeth.